Three things you can do online today to protect your future

Three things you can do online today to protect your future

Preparing for the unexpected and protecting you and your family isn’t something that is left to chance. While it’s not something most of us wish to think about when we’re in good health, it can make the future for your loved ones much easier if you put the basics in place today.

How do you get started?

With Investec Online, we have created some tools and bespoke products to help you get more organised today and prepare for the unexpected.

1. Protect your life. Our approach to life insurance is different and designed around you, the client. With Investec Life, you get a seamless experience when speaking to our experienced Life advisers or applying online. You get the cover you need and will understand exactly what you are getting.

2. Protect your legacy. A will is probably one of the most important documents you will create in your life. With My will, we provide you with a template to draw up your will and, once finalised, save a digital copy of the document.

You can request to get in touch with an attorney firm specialising in wills if you need a more complex will – and you can do it with a few clicks online.

3. Protect your last wishes. When you fill in your will, details about your executor, heirs and guardians are pulled through to the estate element in Manage my life. It brings together a view of your personal information and documents on one dashboard.

You can also nominate trusted representatives and, should you pass away, they will immediately receive the relevant information and documents to carry out your last wishes.

Our Investec Digital tools integrate with, or complement, each other. For example, you can save your important documents to My Briefcase, a safe and secure cloud portal available on Investec Online and the App – so you will always know where to find these.

You care about your finances and family and taking even the first steps to secure both is something you can’t afford to delay until tomorrow.

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